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Nigerian Man Falls From 12th Floor Of His Indonesian Apartment

A Nigerian man who was identified as Ogodor is said to be from Uli in anambra state,he was reportedly trying to flee from the Malaysian Immigration officers.

The deceased was trying to run from immigration, so he tried to pass through a narrow ledge to enter his neighbour’s room but he slipped and fell.according to his roommates.

Details about his death are still sketchy as conflicting reports have been flying around on social media from his roommate and other Nigerians living around the area.

However, other Nigerians in the department are doubting the story because they no news about immigration raid in the area was heard.

Some of his friends have taken to social media to share videos showing Ogodor at different points in his life, to honor him.

Some also shared videos of the moment his remains were been removed from the scene of the incident.

While the true cause of Ogodor’s death is being investigated, this is not the first case of Nigerians jumping to death while fleeing from immigration officers in the Asian countries.


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