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Nollywood Actress,Sotayo, Calls Troll Illiterate After Misinterpreting Her

Nollywood, Actress Sotayo recently took the liberty of commenting on a post of a fan who displayed the new title he just acquired. The actress’ comment was misunderstood by another person who went on to react harshly to Sotayo’s words.

Not about to let the troll insult her in such manner, the Nollywood act replied by cursing  An Instagram user named @kogbagidi who shared a video of himself on the social media platform.

In the clip he posted, he displayed the new tattoo which he just got. He inscribed his name on his chest. Following this, an actress named Sotayo commented on the post.

She complimented the tattoo and said it was neat. Not many took her reaction literally. In fact, another individual named @saint_morris insulted the screen diva a great deal. In a comment, the troll called Sotayo a foolish person.

Here is an excerpt of his words:

“…My advice for you is to make money in your life if not, you go suffer die and I pray you will never make it in life not until you apologize to kogbagidi. For you to know how serious I am pissed with you, I cannot even stop cursing because e be like say your head no correct…”

Sotayo who could not take in the insult of the troll also gave him a piece of her own mind.

She said: “@saint_morriss you must be insane. Illiteracy is ur problem animal. God will punish you . What’s the offence in saying the tatoo is neat? You must be mad. Thunder will fire you.”



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