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Nigerian Actor Raywonda Becomes First Nigerian Celebrity To Publicly Condemn H&M

Nigerian born actor Raymond “Raywonda” Samuel, who is also called The Nigerian Wesley Snipes, has taken to his Instagram account to condemn what he called “racial insensitivity” by H&M. He revealed previously unknown details about his childhood and how those series of experiences affected his career choice.

In what was a very sincere and touching post, he had this to say:

I remember growing, I was always teased and picked on by my mates and seniors for being so dark and black. I was always upset and dreaded going to school, I felt weird and was mad at God for giving me this color. In those early days the only place outside my home I was appreciated was at the market.

I was always eager to accompany my elder sister to market because the market woman and area boys knew how to raise my spirit. I was called black and shine, hugged and admired by those so-called illiterates who despite their troubles took time to make a little boy feel good about himself. Black and Shine was a lot different from charcoal, blackboard and the other unsavory names I was called at school.

Over time, I learnt to build my confidence and be proud about my color. I discovered I have a bold face that shields my emotion and attracts attraction. This discovery directly or indirectly influenced my decision to pursue a career in entertainment and today, thanks to God, I am doing very well for myself. At this point I would like to condemn the racial insensitivity and discrimination of H&M, a company of that stature should be well advised.



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