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Nigeria must improve its healthcare so Buhari doesn’t go abroad for medical vacation – Kenyan lawyer

The director of Kenya School of Laws, Patrick Lumumba, has said that Nigeria must improve its healthcare system to discourage President Buhari from going abroad on medical vacation.

He said this on Wednesday while speaking at Summit Of The Alternatives (SOTA) in Abuja. According to him: “The time has come that we must recognize that what Nigeria does is important to Africa.

Nigeria and Nigerian leaders must recognize that Nigeria ought to be the political Mecca or Jerusalem to which we pay pilgrimage or visit to pay homage. When the Nigerian leader wakes up to this reality, Africa will be great.

For you who know that Africa is a continent under siege, this is the time. This is the time for Nigeria to provide leadership in politics.

This is the time for the Nigerian President, members of parliament and local leaders to liberate themselves and recognize that politics must be sanitized.

It is time for Nigeria to know that her GDP must no longer be held down at $500 billion but at $3 trillion GDP economy. It is time for Nigeria to begin the revival of her textile industry.

Nigeria must make sure that her oil industry is leveled up so that she does not produce crude oil, export crude oil, and import refined products. Nigeria must improve her agriculture.

This is the time that Nigeria must improve her healthcare (system) so that the president does not sojourn in a foreign land on medical vacation.

The time is now and if we don’t seize the moment, then we are doomed. Nigeria’s leadership is the missing link in Africa’s greatness.”


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