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Ngige Is A Chameleon, Should Resign As Minister Of Labour- Satguru Maharaj Ji

Perfect master of the universe and founder of the One Love Family, Satguru maharaj Ji, has told the Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige to resign for the unwholesome, unpatriotic and utterly stupid statement credited to him.

While speaking with newsmen on Sunday at his Iju Ishaga Temple, Maharaj Ji wondered how Ngige who said that Nigerian Doctors should go to hell, started school and passed through University before becoming a doctor, joined the labour market and eventually became a politician.

Maharaj Ji who  tagged Ngige a Politrickster said the minister has not put any mechanism in place to employ citizens of the country, adding that he should have made a national tour to all parts of the country to see that there is shortage of Doctors needed to take care of the growing population of Nigerians under the present 774 local government.


He said” what are his plans as a minister of Labour to combat the massive drift of qualified Nigerians abroad seeking for greener pastures and its implications on the socio-economic progress and stability of this great nation. As a minister what mechanism has he put in place for those seeking employment, can he tell us how many Nigerians graduated this year from various schools, by his statement parents who lost their children on their way to Europe through North Africa should be ready to sue the minister of Labour now for compensation because he is the Government official who has given go ahead on this.

Nigerians are being given Minimum Wage of #30,000 per month instead of 100,000 plus per month, while he and his friends would be reeking millions every months with their subsidized salaries”.

Speaking with e24-7mag about his undying support for Muhammadu buhari, he said the president is working but surrounded by chameleons, and Chris Ngige happens to be one of them, therefore he should be flushed out of his cabinet.


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