NAACP To Honour Jay-Z With Presidential Award

As part of activities to mark the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP)’s 50th anniversary, American Rapper, Shawn Carter, known as Jay-Z, as his stage name, will on Saturday, receive Presidential Award.

According to the NAACP’s president, Mr Derrick Johnson, in a press statement he released to Internet Movie Database (IMDB), the award would be in recognition of Jay-Z’s special achievements and distinguished public service

Johnson noted that Jay-Z has had a prolific career as both a musician and a business mogul with 22 Grammy awards.

According to Johnson, the NAACP is honouring Jay-Z, 49, as a result of his commitment to social activism.
“The President’s award is an honour we carefully bestow upon an individual, maintaining its significance and commitment to recognising excellence in service that directly affects our community,” he said

“Shawn Carter has been committed to shedding light on the issues that plague the black community including systematic racism and unjust treatment under the law, utilising his global platform to create everlasting change.”

“His Shawn Carter Foundation helps socio-economically disadvantaged individuals in pursuit of higher education, The Reform Alliance, which he co-founded, seeks to reform the criminal justice system, there is no better time than now, as we celebrate our 50th year, to honour him with this award.”


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