My Tomorrow Is Not Sure, O3 Media Boss, Alex Ozone Groans.


Ace artiste manager, promoter and event planner, Alex ozone, an extrovert, a dude every Nigerian artistes wishes to have a business deal with, highly influential and a strong force in Nigeria’s entertainment business.

As cool and calm as Ozone is, his words are full of wisdom, and has tremendously contributed positively to the lives of many young artistes and youths home and abroad.

His struggle towards the success of entertainment business in Nigeria cannot be underestimated, as he has in recent times and till date carved a niche for Nigerian Musicians/artistes all over the world.

A business oriented personalty who does not rest, always at work, making sure things work out well, not for himself alone.


In an interview with E-247 some weeks ago in Surulere where his office is situated, the intellectual Ozone said” I am not sure of my tomorrow, because of the nature of my job, every time I am on air, road, sea, traveling everywhere.

At times I would be in the plane and weather would suddenly change, sometimes I lose hope and say oh,! is this the end of the world for me, a lot of things happen on the road everyday which one cannot explain, I have been involved in an auto crash where people died and I survived.

So I am just living by the grace of God, and I pray God should keep protecting me”. The master of world class music tour ‘Alex Ozone” ,also gave an instance of a dangerous scene, where he was involved in a dangerous incident, when he and Nigeria’s energetic super star Terry G was coming back from a an event, where a siege was laid for them by some hoodlums

“They blocked the road, demanding for Terry G, they claimed they had been looking for Terry for a very long time ,they began to hit and destroy our car, luckily, the policemen patrolling came to our rescue, these are some of the tragic moments I do experience ,so the business is not as rosy and easy as people think”. Ozone who is the Founder and CEO of o3 media is currently handling a project on Lil Kesh, the Europe tour which promises to be the best out all tours would be coming up in February 2019.


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