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Mugabe ‘apologises’ To Mujuru -And Blames Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe’s previous president Robert Mugabe has apologized for terminating his one-time appointee, laying the fault at his successor’s entryway, as per her representative.

Joice Mujuru and Mr Mugabe met at his Blue Roof chateau on Tuesday, Gift Nyandoro disclosed to Zimbabwean daily paper Newsday.

The previous partners were comprehended to have been on awful terms since Mr Mugabe let go Ms Mujuru as VP and delegate pioneer of the decision Zanu PF party in 2014.

It is broadly trusted that Grace Mugabe, Mr Mugabe’s significant other, was in reality behind Ms Mujuru’s takeoff.

She already asserted the VP was “degenerate, a scoundrel, uncouth, a gossiper, a liar and unreasonable”.

Be that as it may, Mr Nyandoro said the previous pioneer asserted President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his representative, Constantino Chiwenga, were behind Ms Mujuru’s terminating.

As per Mr Nyandoro, Mr Mugabe stated:

It was a fantastic arrangement to get to me and not yourself.”

Mr Nyandoro’s announcement comes a day after Ms Mujuru, now leader of the resistance National People’s Party, was assaulted with rocks while holding a political rally.

In a meeting with Voice of America Zimbabwe, Ms Mujuru said she felt “vindicated” after her gathering with Mr Mugabe.

“He was revealing to me what happened wasn’t right, he was misguided,” she included, implying that President Mnangagwa was behind the deception.

Ms Mujuru told the station she excused Mr and Mrs Mugabe quite a while prior and that the previous president appeared to be upbeat and well.



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