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Moyo Lawal Shows Off Cleavage in Sultry Picture

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has praised the amazing effects a bra can have in a sultry picture she shared on Thursday.

The Badagry-born actress made the comment in an Instagram post.

Showing off her cleavage, Moyo explained that she was getting herself back as she reverted to keeping her natural hair.

“P.s …. …. its amazing what wonders an amaze bra can do 🙈🙈,” she added.

Moyo Lawal revealed that she was in search of a husband in an Instagram post in November 2018.

She questioned the possibility of getting married without agreeing to have sex with whoever promises to marry her.

The actress had claimed in an Instagram post in August 2018 that she had forgotten what sex feels like.


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