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MOVIES ZONE: Mikel Rueda Cast Maribel Verdu, German Alcarazu For New Romantic Drama

‘Double Plus Fifteen’ (El Doble Mas Quince) is a new Spanish romantic drama produced Karmelo Vivanco, Pako Ruiz, Carlo D’Ursi for FILMAX.

The movie cast stars like Maribel Verdu, German Alcarazu and many more.

‘Double Plus Fifteen’ tells the story of Ana who is dangerously close to turning 50. On paper, her life seems perfect: husband, two kids, a great job and a beautiful house with a garden… but Ana somehow doesn’t feel entirely comfortable. What happened to her dreams, her desires?

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Erik is just your average teenager. He has his whole life ahead of him and all the time in the world to find a job, a wife, have kids and settle down to the kind of life society expects from him. But what happens when your world is turned upside down and you’re forced to grow up much sooner than planned?

Ana and Erik. Erik and Ana. Both feel lost. Both are running away. One day, they find each other in a sex-chat and decide to meet in person. The chemistry and attraction they instantly feel for one another and their desire for adventure lead them to share intense moments filled with liberating experiences and reflections on love, life and the passing of time.

‘Double Plus Fifteen’ is written and directed by Mikel Rueda and its sets for release in the cinema.



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