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Mountain Climber Froze To Death After Falling From Cliff

Bikini mountain climber froze to death after falling from the mountain cliff.

36 years old Gigi Wu was found frozen to death after falling 20 metres down a ravine on Taiwan’s Yushan Mountain on Saturday.

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The woman who posted her bikini-clad climbing adventures over social medial, was eight days into a solo hike on the mountain when she used a satellite phone to alert authorities about the fall, according to report, Wu had injured her leg and was unable to move.

Meanwhile, rescue teams were unable to reach Wu, who had ventured to a point higher than 1600 metres when she fell, due to the harsh weather conditions on the moutain. Search and rescue teams reportedly had to turn back three times because of the weather.

However, according to the report, the body of Wu was finally found yesterday, frozen, 28 hours after she made a distress call. Investigations is on for the cause official cause of her death.

Gigi Wu, known as the “Bikini Climber” would regularly post her climbs on instagram and facebook, wearing just a piece of a bikini in near-freezing conditions. Her last post on Facebook was on Thursday where she captured a shot of the scenic mountain landscape and commented “Celebrating today”.

Authorities said the overnight temperature on the mountain would have reached freezing.

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