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Meet Rihanna’s Doppelganger Who Turns Men Off

Everyone loves Rihanna and everything she does. It came as a surprise when pictures of a  23-year-old French woman surfaced on the internet. This young woman named Yna  Sertalf shares a striking resemblance with the famous Barbadian  Singer Rihanna. 

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 Yna Sertalf

Yna Sertalf realized she looked so much like Rihanna when her uncle brought it to her attention as a Teenager. She recounted how people would jump for joy and beg to take pictures with her until she politely tells them she is not Rihanna.

She also said her Mum once mistook a photo of Rihana on a magazine cover as her until she had a closer look and realized it was Yna.

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See the striking resemblance between Yna and Rihanna


Yna said she has been single for a very long time because most men who came to her, had fantasies about the Barbadian singer and expects her to act like her.





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