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Meet Masai Martin, Hollywood’s Youngest Executive Producer

Black- ish Teen star, Marsai Martin can be described not just as a pretty little face but a go-getter. She released her first movie “Little”, which hit the cinema On the 12th of April,  2019.

Watching Tom Hanks-starrer Big, Martin wondered what it will be like to give the classic film the update it deserves?

“It took me a minute to process the whole situation and how we could make this in a different way, not necessarily a remake, but make it more of a modern and fresh perspective; make it diverse and inclusive, and that’s how “Little” came along,” Martin told MTV News.

The movie “Little  which stars Regina Hall, Issa Rae and Marsai Martin herself, has its plot woven around a woman who is cursed to return to her 13-year-old body until she rediscovers her true self, and the only person who can help her is her rightfully disgruntled assistant.


14-year-old  Martin got her first taste of the limelight when ABC’s Black-ish premiered a month after her tenth birthday in 2014. She stars as Diane, the way-too-clever youngest daughter (but older twin!) of Dre and Bow.

Now, just four-and-a-half years later, she’s making history as the youngest executive producer in Hollywood after launching her very own company (with her parents, Carol and Joshua, by her side), Genius Productions.

“We wanted this to be something that is more than a movie,” she said. “I feel like everyone says that, like, ‘It’s more than a movie.’ But it’s something that’s about female empowerment and how there is such thing as second chances and … just be yourself.”

Speaking to MTV News, the teen star also revealed that her motivation to become a movie producer came when as a ten-year-old, she noticed black girls are scarcely in movies.

“It can be in several ways. One, it’s seeing the things that are missing in the industry, you know? I was 10 when I had pitched a film. There weren’t a lot of young black girls out there — well not a lot of them, but there were barely any. Like none. Like no black girls that I would actually see. This has been my passion for a long time, and seeing that there was no one like me that is doing this and being a part of this amazing industry is… it was kind of hurtful. That empowered me to do something that is out of the ordinary and make something where everybody feels welcome and … they feel comfortable in who they are.” She said


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