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Ever wondered English football team, Arsenal won the last match? No, don’t think it’s all about the coach or a new formula. A Nigerian of Igbo origin and an ardent fan of the club is probably responsible for the winning ways. Kelechi Anyikunde in a viral video online gained access to the dressing room of the Emirates’ club, dressed like a dibia (spiritual healer) with an Igbo chief’s paraphernalia that is a symbol of authority, known as AKUPE blessed and  changed the misfortune of the club following a poor start at the beginning of the season.

In the viral video, Kelechi Anyikunde used his Akup to cleanse the loosing spirit moving around the dressing room and blessed it.

in the room,according to NAIROBI NEWS, Anyinkunde moved to the closet  of the  striker,  Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, cleansed and blessed with his ‘wand’ invoking energy and power.

Kelechi goes on to ask a woman manning the room where Alex Iwobi’s jersey is and on receiving directions he goes on to ‘bless’ it as well.

Kelechi Anyikunde is popular on YouTube for his videos of attending Arsenal matches dressed in different Nigerian attires.

The latest video is undated, though he claims his visit to the dressing room played a big role in ending Arsenal’s poor start of the season.

The blessings video has been shared widely with many users commending Kelechi’s intervention to bless the team’s dressing room which paved the way for their victories over premier league matches against West Ham United and Cardiff City.


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