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Marie-Hélène In Collaboration With Madeline Ivalu Release New Film, Restless River

Arnait Video Productions and Isuma Distribution International are excited to announce the fall release of Restless River, written and directed by Marie-Hélène in collaboration with Madeline Ivalu, based off the novel “Windflower” by Gabrielle Roy. Official poster and trailer have been released.

The film stars Malaya Qaunirq Chapman and Etua Snowball, alongside Matthew York, Nick Serino, Madeline Ivalu, Sammy Kudluk, Taqraliq Partridge, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Patrick Hivon, Marka A. Krupa and Geneviève Rioux.
Short Synopsis:
Surprised at the loss of her innocence, the young Inuk Elsa draws courage and strength from her rugged land to become a woman as independent as the restless river that cuts across it.  She becomes the very young mother of a child whose surprising destiny breaks with the millennial traditions of her ancestors. Navigating the social norms of the colonizers and the reality of her own family situation, the dreariness of a relationship that is not right for her, and the rebellion of her teenage son, Elsa’s path follows the winding course of the indomitable river that accompanies her every turn in life.
View the trailer here. To learn more, please visit our Facebook page.


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