Manna From Heaven: Bayelsa Community Feasts On Dead Whale

Manna From Heaven: Bayelsa Community Feasts On Dead Whale

There was great excitement at the weekend in Ijaw-Kiri, a fishing community in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, when they found a mighty whale at the bank of the river.

Without any delay, they rushed home to bring out axes, knives, and cutlasses, butchering the huge fish.

Neighbouring communities of Odioma and Okpoama were said to have rushed down to the shore to partake in the feast.

Some stood atop the massive creature, cutting its flesh. The water turned red as blood flowed from the whale’s body.

A man came with a saw, Some frowned on feasting on dead aquatic animals without the knowledge of what killed it; others believed it was all God-sent.

One of them, who identified himself as Shadrack, said: “The fish I was eating was not too big. I then complained to God and he promised I would eat a bigger fish soon. God sent this overgrown whale to a city in Nigeria that is in the middle of the sea. My sister said she was tired of eating the big blue whale and I told her to bring the oil that was extracted from it to me. The early part of last month, I remember that some fishermen from Odioma in Brass caught a dolphin”.

A social media commentator, Akinola Ajibade, blamed it on hunger while others insisted it was a meal from God.

“This sea creature was washed ashore. It was not killed. This happens once in a while in the oceanic communities of Brass Local Government Area. I have had the privilege of seeing whales being washed ashore and natives helping themselves,” said Ambrose Alfred.

But Ibarakumo Walson warned people against eating dead creatures they could not establish their cause of death.

“In the past, Ijaw communities dragged such floating fishes and animals into their homes only to be infected with cholera and other strange ailments. It is really absurd to see people trying to eat something, whose cause of death isn’t known. Who knows if the whale has been poisoned,” he said.


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