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Manchester City Right Back,Kyle Walker, visits family, Break Lockdown rules.

Manchester City Player, Kyle Walker, has come out claiming he has been harassed after breaking lockdown rules to visit his family.

The Right Back apologized  last month after he hosted a party in his apartment. However, after making it to the headlines again, Walker went on twitter to plead with people saying this situation has affected his family.

Walker wrote on : “I feel as though I have stayed silent for long enough.

“In light of the most recent article published about me and my family, I feel as though I have no choice but to address things publicly.

“I have recently gone through one of the toughest periods of my life, which I take full responsibility for. However, I now feel as thought I am being harassed.

“This is no longer solely affecting me, but affecting the health of my family and my young children too.”

Walker admitted contravening coronavirus regulations again by visiting Sheffield to see his sister and his parents – for which he could be fined and cautioned by police.

“In relation to the events on Wednesday, I travelled to Sheffield to give my sister a birthday card and present, but also to speak to one of the few people I believe I can trust in my life,” he said.

“She hugged me to remind me that she cares and that I am loved. What am I meant to do – push her away?

“I then travelled to my parents’ house to pick up some home-cooked meals. Again, it’s been an extremely tough couple of months for them.”

But he went on to criticise the media for invading the privacy of his family, adding: “It’s been an extremely tough couple of months for them.

Walker has player 155 matches for his current club, scoring 3 goals in all competition.

The English Premier League will commenced once the global pandemic is over.




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