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Man Who Renamed Himself Michael Jackson Now Wants To Change It back

Man Who Renamed Himself Michael Jackson Now Wants To Change It back

A fan of late Mickael Jackson who renamed himself after the pop star now wants the name changed back after news that his ‘god’ was a paedophile.

The 38-year-old John Lomas altered his name to “John Michael Jackson” by deed poll because he was a superfan of the singer during his childhood.

However in the wake of the Leaving Neverland documentary where the late singer was accused of being a paedophile, Lomas fears he might be denied jobs if he submits application with the name a move which will cost him $230.

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He said: “During my childhood I had various obsessions and special interests growing up and one of those has been Michael Jackson.

“A few years ago I went to LA and soon after that I changed my name to Michael Jackson legally.

“I have supported him blindly for years and but it has come to a point with everything recently that I’ve thought, ‘no more’.

“There is too much doubt and I’m now left with this name that I need to get rid of.

“I’m trying to get into the care profession but every time I do a DBS check I have to disclose my full name and if I’m going for a job like that it looks really bad that I’ve chosen to change my name to that of an alleged and believed paedophile.

“I’ve asked for legal advice and there is nothing I can do to change my name back by deed poll without paying a £120 fee, which I can’t afford.

“I just want to put this behind me, I can’t have this name hanging above me anymore, I just want a fresh start.”

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Leaving Neverland published stories of men who alleged they were molested by the star as young boys.


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