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Man Vomits Bullet Doctors Could Not Remove For Months

A Nigerian security expert has shared a story of  a man who was shot by unknown gunmen in, Bayelsa state in 2019 lived with the bullet in his skull until a few days ago when he  vomited the strange object lodged in his skull for several months.

Bosinde took to his Instagram page on Thursday to share the story melting the hearts of citizens on the social media platform.

he said every effort of medical professionals to get the bullet out of the man’s head was in vain and the doctors also advised that surgery can only be carried out to remove the bullet when the wounds are properly healed due to the ‘complexity of the area affected.’

Araikpe wrote: God in his infinite mercy conducted a surgery on him at the early hours on sunday 2nd of Feb 2020, while on his way out to visit a friend on getting to the spot where he was hit by the bullet last year, he felt like vomitting and the bullet came out through his mouth.


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