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Man Tried To Bury New Born Baby Alive

A man arrested for trying to kill his son.

A Man identified as Manzoor Hussain Banyari was arrested on Tuesday for trying to kill his newborn baby. According to report Banyari who approached a gravedigger in the northern city of Srinagar, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, to help him dig a grave for his son who he told the gravedigger was dead a previous day. it was also reported that his son was born with a tumor.

Meanwhile, when Banyari arrived the graveyard to bury his son, the child cried out as he lowered the infant into the grave.

Reports from a police officer stated that “People handed over the accused to the police station in Nowhatta. He stated that the infant was suffering from some congenital disease for which he did not have the means to treat the child,”

Police said that the child was admitted to a hospital for treatment. The mother of the child also remains in the same hospital where she gave birth to the baby boy.

In a recent incident, a newborn baby died after her mother chopped off the infants extra fingers and toes, as she feared the oddity could hamper the baby girl’s chances of finding a groom for marriage. She had allegedly coated the baby’s injuries with cow dung, but the girl died within hours. She then buried the child.


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