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Man blackmails Pregnant Woman To Sleep With Him In Anambra

The Anambra State Police Command has arrested an Anambra politician Identified as igwe, for allegedly blackmailing a pregnant woman to have into accepting to sleep with him.

Igwe was arrested at Aroma Junction in Awka on Tuesday, after the pregnant woman lured him to the junction, where undercover police officers were already lying in wait for him.

A source who witnessed the arrest said the unidentified woman narrated that she was in a relationship with the man before she got married and decided to end the relationship after marriage.

“She said the man who used to be her boyfriend called her recently and asked her to come to Awka for them to have a nice time.

“She told him she was already married and no longer interested in the relationship, and besides, she was pregnant for her husband and didn’t wish to be involved in extramarital affair but the man insisted that she must come, and when she refused, he now sent her a nude picture of her, which he took while they were dating, and threatened to publish the picture on the internet if she refused to come see him one last time.”

The eyewitness narrated further that the lady confided in her husband who reported to the police, while the politician was lured by the lady who arrived Awka from Enugu and called him to come so they can move into a hotel.

“It was after he came and met the lady that undercover policemen came out and arrested him,”.narrated the eyewitness.

SP Harauna Mohammed, Anambra State Police Command’s spokesman, said when he was contacted that, the matter has not been reported to his office. He promised to speak with the DPO of the station and get back to our correspondent.

When asked if he could let the officers on duty allow journalists to speak with the victim, Haruna said doing so may jeopardize the investigation.


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