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Man Accused Of Throwing Off His Pregnant Girlfriend From The Fifth Floor Of Their Apartment

Anambra man has been accused of throwing off his pregnant girlfriend from the 5th floor of an apartment he lives in at Obosi Street in Onitsha South local government of Anambra State.

The corpse of the deceased was found in the next compound shortly after the man began asking his neighbors if they had seen his partner on Thursday, January 16.

Upon being queried by neighbors after an alarm was raised in the next compound, the man denied any doing anything wrong but admitted that she left their 3 bedroom apartment after a minor argument between them.

Facebook user, Xpregar who shared a video from the scene of the incident wrote;

Man reportedly throws pregnant girlfriend off his 5th floor apartment in Anambra State

“A sad event occurred on the 16th of january 2020 at obosi street Onitsha South local government in Anambra State as a corpse of a young lady was found in a building, the girl was identified as a young lady living at the 5th floor of the next yard of the building.”

According to an eye witness, the young lady lived alone with her boyfriend in a 3 bedroom flat, it was around 7 pm the boyfriend came down from the 5th story building asking his neighbors if they’d seen his wife, they said no.

A few minutes after he asked his neighbors, an alarm was raised about a dead body in the next compound, some of the neighbors went there to check the corpse, and was identified as the ‘missing wife.’

However, when the man was taken aside to explain what transpired between them, he denied any knowledge of wrongdoing, claiming they only had a minor argument and she left the apartment which was why he was looking for her prior to the moment she was found dead.


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