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Major Hausa States In Nigeria.

The Hausa states are the states that are predominantly occupied by the Hausa people. These are majorly the states in the Northern part of the country. In our post, you will find a list of the states regarded as the Hausa states.

Map of the Hausa states in NigeriaThe Hausa are seemingly the largest ethnic group in Nigeria and one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. They are one of the three majority ethnic groups in Nigeria. The other two are the Igbos and the Yorubas. Unlike the other two major ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Hausas are a more culturally homogeneous people. Each of the thirty-six states in Nigeria has a predominantly ethnic group settled in them. The settlement of ethnic groups in Nigeria is based on their migration history and expansion. As we have already mentioned, the Hausas are located predominantly in the states in the Northern part of Nigeria. The Yorubas inhabit mainly the states in the South-Western part of Nigeria while the Igbos mainly live in the states located in the South-Eastern part of the country.

List of the Hausa states in Nigeria



Before the creation of Nigeria as a country and before the creation of the thirty-six states in Nigeria, the true Hausa settlements were:DauraKanoKatsinaZaria (Zazzau)GobirRanoBiram These were founded by Bawo and his six sons. Bawo was the son of Bagwariya, who according to myth is believed to be the eponymous ancestor of the Hausa. These seven were occupied only by Hausa speaking people.

List of major Hausa states in Nigeria

According to history and mythology, there were seven sons of Karbagari, another son of Bagwariya, the also have founded seven states:Zamfara (state inhabited by Hausa-speakers)Kebbi (state inhabited by Hausa-speakers)Yauri (also called Yawuri) Gwari (also called Gwariland) Kwararafa (the state of the Jukun people)Nupe (state of the Nupe people)These were not regarded as true Hausa states because there were some other ethnic groups inhabiting these states. But for most of them, the inhabitants were predominantly Hausas. Also, some of the states became part of the Hausa Kingdoms after they were conquered by the Hausas with most of the original settlers either became slaves or fled.List of Hausa states in Nigeria todayIt is difficult to say that some states are inhabited for 100% by the Hausa people, but we definitely can name the states where a big number of the population really belongs to this ethnic group. These states include: Bauchi State Borno State Kano State Katsina State Plateau State Taraba State Niger State Adamawa State Kaduna State Sokoto State Jigawa State Kebbi State Zamfara State.



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