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Maids who stole their Employer’s N243 – Million Jewelry have been arrested by the Police

Obinyan, aged 39, lived and served the Employer for 8 years while his colleague Samson joined him about 2 months ago Migrating from his home town Chibok. They were placed on N80,000 and N50,000 salaries respectively.

Obinyan said they sold the diamond chain at the rate of N6 million in Eti-Osa ,Lagos while the Frank Moller  wristwatch was sold in Abuja at the rate of N4 million.

Obinyan was Quoted by the RRS that: “I have been working with him in Lekki for over 8 years .I am used to moving the valuables around the house whenever i find them in his car and never thought of stealing them.
Things fall Apart when Samson came and saw me handle the jewelry,he convinced me we could steal them to start a better life of ours.I consented, so we planned on how to steal it.

We stole the chain, a Frank Moller wristwatch and a Rolex Wristwatch while Oga was in the living room. Prior our exit from his residence, we already got a buyer.

We departed to Abuja were we bought a Toyota Corolla car and as well sold the Frank Moller wristwatch  at the rate of N4 million to raise more funds so we could relocate to Borno State to start a new life and Business.

Obinyan in his letter to the employer informing him of his departure said: “…I know you will be shocked why I write to you but the truth is that due to some quite observation I have come to a notice that you are not a person that someone can rely on. I have been patient enough to see if you can help me but you keep on promising me up to now there is no avail.

“To cut the story short, I have decided to stop working for you, and I’m sorry to mention that but you have to bear with me. I have gone for good because I cannot continue to work for a person that doesn’t care about me and doesn’t value me for the rest of my life.”


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