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Loss Of First Son, How Amosun Did Everything To Stop Me – Dapo Abiodun Explodes

The Ogun State governor-elect, Dapo Abiodun, has disclosed that he achieved his victory at the 2019 governorship polls against all odds.

Abiodun scored a total of 241, 670 votes to clinch victory, beating his closest rival, Mr Adekunle Akinlade of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) who came second with 222, 153 votes at the March 3 polls.

In this explosive testimony, the 58-year-old who lost his first son in 2017 stated that he never imagined returning to politics after the tragedy, but “God indeed wants him to govern Ogun state”.

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Dapo Abiodun added that the despite being friends with Governor Ibikunle Amosun for over 25 years, the incumbent did everything humanly possible to stop him.

HE said: “I sat down with the incumbent governor, I had a chat whim and of course he said no, never, I will offer you senate and I said never, I don’t want senate.

“It was against all odds. The incumbent has been a friend for over 25 years, he did everything humanly possible to stop me. But at every point in time, I said I serve a living God.

“I have been in the private sector but I’ve always had passion for politics. In 1997 I made my first showing in politics. I ran for Senate, I became a senator elect and I was the youngest ever elected senator in Nigeria. I was so young that there was controversy that I was probably too young to be sworn in because the age limit then was 40 and I was not quite 40. Fortunately or unfortunately then, the head of state died and that republic came to an end.

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“I tried again in 2015, I was persuaded to run for the Senate and I didn’t quite win. Well I won, I was rigged, I went to court I won at the tribunal. My opponent went and appealed and it was overturned and I was so unhappy. And I thought to myself this is surely it, I’m done with politics. God is telling me something and I must just face by business and leave all these politicians alone.

“They are not trust worthy, they are not reliable, it’s just a waste of money and resources all that. As time went on. 2017 I had an unfortunate incident I lost my first son and life could not have dealt me a worse blow.

“I withdrew into myself. For over 6 months I could not function, I could not go to work, I didn’t see people and I became a complete reckless.

“And then 2018, someone came to me and said would I consider going back into politics and I said never and time after time I would be talked to and then it was that I should go into the Senate and I said I was not interested.

“At some point in life someone asked me would you consider being governor and I said well that I will consider but I will first go to God and see what god has to say about it. To cut the story short, I became convinced that God indeed wanted be to be a governor of Ogun state. I could not explain it.”


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