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London: Gatwick Airport Shut-down Over Drones

London’s Gatwick airport shutdown over siting drones around the airfield.

The Gatwick airport at around 9:03 pm. was shut down on Wednesday over siting drones flying over the airfield, the airport authority said in a statement released.

“We advise everyone flying from Gatwick, or collecting someone from the airport, Thursday 20th December, to check the status of their flight,” the airport wrote.

Meanwhile, reports from the Sussex Police, Said the drones which were spotted flying over the airfield was a “deliberate act” but there was no indication that the drones were terror-related.

The shutdown of the airport has left thousands of passengers stranded at the airport, as the airport authority said there were no flight taking off or flights landing, however, there have been working to provide affected passengers with hotel accommodation or transport passengers landing at other airports as flight were diverted to other airports.

A joint search was being carried out by Sussex Police and the airport for the operators of the drones, authorities said.

“I’ve got officers not only in the terminals and on the airfields looking for the drone and the drone operator, but I’ve got resources from Surrey and Sussex right the way across the outside of Gatwick trying to identify who’s operating this drone,” Sussex Police Superintendent Justin Burtenshaw said. “It’s been going on for 10 hours now and I’m absolutely certain this is a deliberate act to disrupt the airfield.”

Gatwick Airport, located about 30 miles south of London, is the second-busiest airport in the U.K. after London’s Heathrow Airport. It is the eighth-busiest airport in Europe, according to report.



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