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LMC Imposes 3 Points Deduction On Sunshine Stars For Repeated Breaches

In an unprecedented application of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Framework and Rules, a three point deduction has been imposed on Sunshine Stars of Akure by the League Management Company (LMC).

In a Summary Jurisdiction notice issued the club Friday night, the LMC reviewed a series of past breaches of the rule by the club dating back to the 2014/2015 season for which varying sanctions, including monetary fines, playing without fans, ban of use of home ground and an order to identify for prosecution, supporters cited for acts of breach of security and or interference with match officials.

“These repeated breaches constitute aggravated circumstances which are considered with a view towards imposing more severe sanctions. It is noted that despite the imposition of a range of corrective sanctions including fines, ‘closed door’ orders and stadium bans, Sunshine Stars has failed to curb these acts of disturbances and contempt for match officials which are capable of bringing the league to disrepute”, stated the notice to the club signed by Salihu Abubakar, the LMC Chief Operating Officer.

A further order to pay N1million to the LMC and N500,000 to the injured match official in addition to a further order to deduct additional three points from the club’s total for the season in case of a recurrence, was also imposed on the club.

Sunshine Stars were given 48 hours to in writing, submit to the decision or enter an appeal which if it loses will attract further sanctions.

In a related development, the LMC requested the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to withdraw three match officials from further consideration for future NPFL matches for conducts capable of bringing the league to disrepute. They are the center referee, David Akure and assistant referees, Apine Emmanuel, and Lewis Owolana.

The LMC noted that while the referees posed and widely circulated photographs showing the injury to one of the assistant referees, the incident was not adequately captured in the official match report submitted which was also submitted late.

And in other decisions, for engaging in physical confrontation after match day 8 in Ilorin, Coach of Kwara United, Maji Mohammed and Team Manager of Katsina United Ganiyu Adeleke have been charged for breach of code of conduct for club officials.


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