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Lateef Adedimeji : Husbands Must Care For Their Wife During Pregnancy

Popular actor, Lateef Adedimeji showers so much love on the parts of the female folks and drops a word of advice for men on his Instagram page. The actor maintains that it is the duty of the husband to make his pregnant wife feel good about herself by shoeing her so much love, care, and attention. ‘It’s natural for women to look less beautiful during pregnancy process or maybe menstrual period.

It is your responsibility as her Husband to aggrandize her beauty at this time, make Sweet and beautiful comments about her shape . Give her all the attention she needs at this time because that’s when they crave it more.’ He further reminds men that they are responsible for the pregnancy and as such should stay responsible till the very end. ‘She is obviously carrying your baby and without that meal duration, she can’t get pregnant.’ He took time to appreciate all the wives, mothers and female folks in general, saying they are all strong and beautiful in every way.

‘A big shout out to you all beautiful women and mothers out there, You are Beautiful just the way you are, You are Strong and I appreciate you for who you are and the way you are created, God bless you all and all that you do. Starting from my mum to every other woman and mothers out there, thank you for all you do, I love you so much.’


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