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Lagos State gives updates on Covid-19

Lagos State, the Center of Commercialization in Nigeria;, is also the country’s biggest hit in the corona virus pandemic.

Lagos State currently has the highest corona virus confirmed cases as at May 14 and the Government have been trying to employ measures to curb out the diseases.

The Lagos State Government since the start of this pandemic in Nigeria, has stopped 70 percent of their worker to either halt their jobs for a while or continue working for home.

All levels of Education has also been put on hold has students now receive lectures from their homes.

The Lagos State cases now is 1990 with 502 recoveries and 34 deaths in total. Phase 2 of the lockdown might be imminent.

“We are in very very difficult times, these are no small moments for anyone, these are very very difficult times for all of us. In my last address to the state, i did mention that we are monitoring this ease unlocking that we have given to the state.

“We are tracking how people are coplying, and I want to reiterate again that in the next level of days if we do not see the level of compliance that we expect to see, we will be left with no option than to clamp the system again,” these are the words of governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.



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