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Lagos Island-born, Taofeek Anifata Stabbed To Death By Former Boyfriend Of His Girlfriend

A Lagos Island-born Taofeek Anifata has been reported stabbed to death by the former boyfriend of his girlfriend in United States of America.

The ex-boyfriend who allegedly stabbed Taofeek to death is Layiwola Akran, 38 years old, based in Houston,Texas.

According to, Layiwola Akran was arrested after authorities say he fatally stabbed his Baby mama’s new boyfriend in front of her children at her home in Fort Bend County.

The murder, according to a report on was committed around 4:45 a.m. on Thursday.

Though Houston, Texas authorities gave his name as 38-year-old Godson Akran, FlipTV checks revealed his first name is  Layiwola .

Layiwola, according to the report “knocked on the door of the woman, identified as Lola at her home in the 3700 block of Daintree Park Court, off Tamarron Parkway, and got into an argument with her.

He left and she called 911. After sometime, the alleged suspect, Layiwola returned, this time, getting into a fight with Taofeek Anifata, his babymama’s new boyfriend, who was also at the house.

According to officials, that’s when Layiwola stabbed Anifata inside the home. Anifata, a Uber driver had left his wife and baby at home, on the pretext that he was going to work

He was stabbed to death by the suspect, Godson Akran, real names Layiwola, former boyfriend of Lola, the homeowner.

Layiwola has been booked into FBC Jail under Murder charge and waiting for trial.

The woman’s three children, who are ages 2, 4 and 12, also live at the home with her.

The suspect, Layiwola Godson Akran with children from a Jamaican and African-American  women  is the father of the 4-year-old and 12-year-old. who witnessed the stabbing of their mother’s boyfriend by their dad.

Layiwola, was reported to have left the neighborhood in a silver car with another person. He was few miles away before he was stopped on FM 1463 and taken into custody.

Detectives said they do not believe there was any kind of restraining order against the suspect. Layiwola and Lola, his ex, according to the report were apparently separated for at least two years before Thursday’s attack.


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