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Lagos Danfo Driver Seen Using Shower Head In Place Of Gear

Lagos is considered as the busiest state in the country, and it is arguably one of the most populated cities in Nigeria.

When other states have standard closing times of 3 or 4 pm on Fridays, Lagosians would be closing by 5 or 6. Lagos also has the highest rate of traffic congestion, but it could also be seen as a fun city with lots of creative and ambitious minds, after all, Lagos is where you move to if you want to make it in Nigeria.

Due to this craziness about Lagos state, there are times that people would do unbelievable and shocking things, all in the name of hustle.

A commercial bus driver in Lagos has done one of those shocking things by fixing a shower head in place of his gear head.

A photo of the shower/gear head was shared on social media. Lagos bus driver seen using shower head in place of gear for his vehicle

, however, found the photo amusing. They shared hilarious comments about the showerhead.



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