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Lady Recount How A Man Spiked Her Drink To Sleep With Her

Popular Model known as Kholekam, narrated her ordeal and how how she was saved by a stranger from a man who spiked her drink to sleep with her.

According to her, she went on a solo date yesterday to make herself feel good.

The stranger overdosed her and she ended up in a hospital, passed out and looking for help, she added.

she said;” Yesterday I went on a solo date at MOA had my drink was  spiked by a stranger. He overdosed me and I landed up in the hospital cause I was seized and passed out while I was looking for help”

” Escaping raptorial men is almost impossible. He approached me and asked for my number, I said no. He offered to buy me a drink, I said no. He left and said he will see me later whether I liked it or not”

” I’m so grateful to the woman that helped me. I could hear her scream that nobody should touch me even if they claimed they knew me. She called the ambulance, tried to keep my eyes open and I literally owe her my life. She and her husband were God sent”

”I remembered she was sitting on the floor with my head in her lap and making sure she had my car keys, phone and handbag. She keep telling me I will be fine. She assured me that she wouldn’t leave me alone, she opened my phone using my unconscious face and managed to call my mom”

”I kept losing consciousness but it amazed me how a stranger was willing to go for a girl that just whispered “help, man is after me” and fell into her arms. I will forever be grateful”

”I can’t say be more careful, cause I was. I can’t say don’t talk to strangers cause I asked him to leave me alone. Just that I hope you never find yourself in a wrong place at the wrong time”


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