I Hate Watching My Team From The Sidelines – Kevin De Bruyne

during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur at Etihad Stadium on December 16, 2017 in Manchester, England.

Manchester City midfield maestro Kevin De Bruyne has revealed that he despises watching his team play on the sidelines. In a way, Kevin De Bruyne was no different from any Manchester City fan in the final weeks of the season.

“I hate watching my team,” he told reporters on the eve of the FA Cup final. “I just can’t, especially at the end of the season when there’s so much at stake.”

The consistent form of Liverpool and City have made this title race perhaps the most intriguing in Premier League history, with fans of both sides well aware that even the smallest slip or mishap could spell doom and cost them the title.

For a man who twelve months ago was the heartbeat of Pep’s, coming up with invaluable goals and contribution; to be constrained to watch from the bench must have been terribly frustrating.


“I just think you’re not in control,” he adds. “You know, when you’re on the field, you’re in control. If you lose, you lose, but you know what you can do. On the sidelines, you can’t do anything. You feel more like a fan. Obviously,I watched all the games, but it’s not something I really enjoy.”

De Bruyne suffered through the campaign with a series of injury stopping him from finding and sustaining his fine form. The Belgian international was hit with two separate knee injuries and other muscle problems.

Just as he was looking back to his best – he was fantastic in the Champions League clash with Tottenham at the Etihad Stadium in mid-April – he pulled up again, injuring his hamstring against Mauricio Pochettino’s side in the league a few days later.

The Belgian clearly took great pleasure in seeing his side come out on top without him – and does not feel sorry for Liverpool one bit – but he admits he has not enjoyed this season as much as last.



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