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Just In: Sudan President Omar al-Bashir Forced Out Of Power

Sudan Crisis: Ex-President Omar al-Bashir Sent To Prison

Sudan President Omar al Bashir has been forced to resign by the people as the army is urged to take control.

The rallies continued through the week leading to civilian casualties due to clashes between the security forces and protesters.

A member of the Sudan Army, on Thursday, announced that President Omar al Bashir has been removed from all positions after a successful coup, as anti-government protests continue.

Military personnel further stated that the military council will now govern the country atleast for a year during this transition period.

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Assistants and deputies of President Bashir have also apparently been shown the door, though there was no official confirmation of it.

Protests have erupted in Sudan, since December, due to rising consumer goods prices. Mass rallies prompted President Omar Bashir, who has been in power for 30 years, to dissolve the cabinet and declare a year-long state of national emergency.


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