Just in: Pope Francis Injured in Colombia

Pope Francis sustained minor injuries on Sunday after hitting his head against the vehicle in which he was traveling in Cartagena, Colombia, ABC News reported.

Giving details about the injury, a spokesman for the pope confirmed the injuries, which were captured on video, saying he has a wound on his cheekbone and eyebrow but he is “fine.” He is receiving “ice treatment,” the spokesman added.

The incident occurred while the 80-year-old Catholic Pontiff while riding in the popemobile during his visit to Cartagena, Colombia.

The popemobile is a customized vehicle designed with bulletproof glass designed to protect the pope while he greets crowds.

He appeared to be leaning outside a glass panel in front of him when the vehicle stopped and his face made contact with the barrier.

Pope Francis has been visiting Colombia since Wednesday, making stops in the cities of Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena.


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