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Journalist, Wole Arisekola Shares His Experience At Nigeria High Commission, London

Top Nigerian Journalist Wole Arisekola recently visited the Nigerian High Commission in London and he shared his experience exclusively with

Wole Arisekola shared   …

My recent experience at the Nigeria High Commission(NHC) in London has prompted me to react to the video of one Mr Samson Akinola who claim to be a Human Right Activist in London and tactfully supporting Mr Jefrey Akpoveta who in one breath caused serious damages to the property of the NHC in London few days ago.
I was at the NHC in London with my family on the 24th of December 2018 to renew our passports and I am shocked at the way this Human Right Activist has painted the NHC in London.
Before we went to the Embassy we had already completed all necessary forms on line. Our appointment was for 11.45am and by 11 o’clock we were at the Embassy. In less than One Hour the five of us have completed all transactions at the Embassy including finger print and photo capturing.
In fact my Boys could not believe it. It was like magic.
Everything went very well and we all gave Kudos to the Embassy staff. In was indeed a proud moment as a Nigerian in diaspora.
We were given two weeks to come for our passports. Because of our different schedules, only my Wife was free to go for the collection. Armed will all necessary documents she got to the Embassy and in less than 50 minutes collected all the five Passports.
This is my personal experience and that has been the good news and experience of most Nigerians since the new High Commissioner resumed duties.
It does not mean there would not be occasional hick-ups, but for someone to go bizzare all because his passport was not ready for one reason or the other is nothing but Madness and should be condemned by any right thinking Nigerian. It is a big shame that some few Nigerians will continue to embarrass and ridicule the country in such a manner.
We must all rise up in one voice and condemn this act of wanton destructive tendencies, violent aggression and despicable act.
The law must take its course.


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