Jesus Was A Ritualist -Apostle Ore-Oluwa Brown

Lagos radical preacher, filmmaker, and crusader turn pastor, Apostle Ore- Olu Brown, has risen in defense of the true spiritual practice of the Celestial Church of God and it’s use of natural elements for cleansing and healing; that many a people descript as sinful rituals by pointing out that even Jesus did the same.

The amiable man of God, who just released an album tagged “cele boy ”, during his annual crusade tagged “act of apostle” , ( which was characterize by feeding and clothing the poor, and seminars to empower youths), and presently running a –four-week-long, program , tagged let they be light wondered why people are condemning the use of natural element s for healing.
“ It baffles me”, he began, “when people say the blessed Celestial Church of God is into fetish practices because we use water, coconut and other natural element to pray and call down power from above to set the children of God free.

Let me ask you when a certain blind man came to Jesus Christ to be healed, did Jesus Christ not spit on the ground and robbed a mixture of the mood, and his and asked him to go and wash it before he could see. “? he asked rhetorically. He then went back to the Old Testament and asked, the General, that came to Elijah, with leprosy, did, Elijah, not ask him to deep himself seven times in the river before his cleansing? , Remember, both Jesus Christ and Elijah, had the power to say be healed at a time, but they were following God’s words and made use of the natural element.

” How did the Celestial heavenly directive to follow biblical instructions become a challenge to the entire body of Christ? , “Thanks for that question. Poor education and shape practices caused.

The word ritual simply means something you do repeatedly. Catholics receive communion daily, we take our birth daily, we eat daily and all these are rituals because we do them repeatedly, but they are not fetish practices.

Now, due to the fact that some of us went to school and are not educated, they now decided to crown repeated spiritual practices as fetish activities. I say to you #cele no be juju.

He concluded. Ore runs a Celestial Church of Christ named, Shalom Blessed Parish, at 25 Abiola Street, off Modupe bus stop, Oke-Ira, Ogba Lagos, and in the middle of a revival let there be light, where he spoke from.


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