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Jair Bolsonaro To Receive Oath Of Office From A Nigerian Priest, Ogbeni Gbadebo Owolabi

A Nigerian Yoruba spiritualist, Ogbeni Gbadebo Owolabi, has been invited by the Spiritualist Association of Brazil to participate in the spiritual commitment and the initiation of the president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, to the traditional religion and to the gods of the land.

According to report the incoming Brazilian President has been subjected to all sorts of ritual and Christian baptism before assuming the oath of office as the Republican President of Brazil in January 2019.

Considering the political and corruption problems that have riddled the Latin American country over the years, some leaders working for what they called the country’s goodwill have subjected Bolsonaro to take oath in the culture of the three prominent religions practised in the country – Catholicism, Pentecostal and African traditional religion (Candomblé)

Ogbeni Owolabi, after the invite said “Such ideas should be compulsorily enshrined in the Nigerian political commitments. Oaths of office should also be traditional apart from the Islamic and Christian forms of oaths adopted by the African country.


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