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Jada Pinkett Smith really tried to embarrass son Jaden on his 21st birthday

Jada Pinkett Smith tried to embarrass Jaden Smith

The comedian’s latest attempt to embarrass her son Jaden Smith was an absolute fail in the best way possible. The Nutty Professor star posted a video of herself on Friday dancing to the song Again from Jaden’s new album titled Erys. In the Instagram video, Jada bops next to a large statue of Jaden holding his own screaming head – showing a full set of glam grilled up teeth.

According to the mum, the post was to embarrass her son before his upcoming 21st birthday on the 8 July. Jada captioned the post: ‘lil parental embarrassment before Jaden’s 21st birthday😜’. But, with flawlessly choreographed moves and fresh get-up to boot – Jada is wearing a white and pink Erys hoodie with pink New Balance trainers.

it’s really hard to call this embarrassing in the slightest. If anything this could work as the perfect ad for his 17-track album which features many big names in the music industry including his sister Willow Smith, A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator.


The Smith Family have been open about their lives on Red Table Talk

In an interview with Zane Lowe on the show Beats 1, Jaden said his new album is a lot more carefree than his previous one Syre. Jaden said: ‘Syre is the nice one, kind of the more sensitive one.’ ‘And Erys is just kind of like, don’t really care at all,’ he added.


As cool mums come, Jada Pinkett Smith is winning all the prizes.




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