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Iran FM: Netanyahu’s Speech In Munich A ‘Cartoon-ish Circus’

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif yesterday described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the Munich Security Conference as a “cartoonish circus”.

Israel uses aggression as a policy against its neighbours

Zarif said, adding that it commits illegal incursions to Syria and Lebanon on a daily basis.

Zarif said some at the conference “resort to cartoons to justify strategic blunders or maybe avoid domestic crisis.” The conference saw Netanyahu wave what he alleged was wreckage of an Iranian drone shot down over Israel.

“The entire speech was trying to evade issue. What has happened is the so-called invincibility has crumbled,” Zarid added.

“It’s the problem of aggression,” Zarif said. “Domestic corruption is another problem, I’m not talking about that.”

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu said that “Israel will act against Iran and not only against its agents in the Middle East if necessary,” stressing that Tehran poses the greatest threat to the world.

“Israel will not allow the regime to wrap the rope of terror around our neck,” Netanyahu said while holding a piece of metal, claiming it belonged to an Iranian drone downed by Israel.



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