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I’m Very Conscious of Historical Antecedents – Buhari

BREAKING: Buhari Rejects Appointment Of Acting CJN By three months

President Muhammadu Buhari met with the Nigerian community in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on Tuesday and repeated his promises on anti-corruption fight and war against insurgency in his new tenure.

The President held a town hall meeting with Nigerians where he told them that he hoped to manage the country’s resources prudently and rapidly diversify the economy with special emphasis on agriculture, stating that the country’s economy will yield good results before 2023.

Femi Adesina, the Presidential spokesman, said in a statement that Buhari told his audience that his Next Level agenda was all about consolidating the gains recorded between 2015 and 2019 by achieving more before 2023.

He pointed “We all know how many local governments Boko Haram were occupying. People from the North-East know that they are not holding any local government area today. They were holding 17 out of the 774 local government areas before we came in 2015; they are not holding any now.”

According to Buhari, his administration’s call for Nigerians to return to the farms yielded positive results.

He said, “What we did was to encourage agriculture and fertiliser was made available at half the price.

“We encouraged people to go back to land. The response was excellent. We have virtually achieved food security; we have stopped the importation of rice.

“The money we have saved in foreign exchange is in hundreds of millions of dollars, not even in naira. We are putting that into infrastructure.”

Buhari addressed a question on why the war against corruption appeared to be slow, saying, “Whoever calls me Baba-go-slow; I’m very conscious of historical antecedents. You know what happened to me the last time… people [now] have to be proven guilty before they are locked up.’’


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