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I’m Making Conscious Music – Falz

Popular Nigerian rapper, songwriter Folarin Falana, famously known as Falz, has shared his opinion on the new generation and his conscious music-making.

Musician cum actor spoke about what inspired his desire to make what he described as “conscious music”.

He said, “Music is an entertainment tool but it’ll still medium with which to speak up and inspire posterity. They’ve been telling us we’re leaders of tomorrow since but we’re still waiting for tomorrow.

“I’m among the new generation and I’m making conscious music. It’s also a channel through which I convey emotions. I could eat amala-ewedu and later decide to sing about it in the studio.

“I’ve never claimed I’m faultless. But I feel that we have to develop principles and rejig our morals if we’re going to move forward and get out of the chaos we’re in right now.

“As entertainers, we have a huge voice and platform. If I don’t use that to speak truths, or to attempt steering my people in the right direction, then I feel like I’m doing a disservice.”


says the youth are still waiting for tomorrow even though they have been told that they’re leaders of tomorrow.




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