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If You Are 55 and Above, Please Avoid Going To Mosque or Church, Govt. Advice People

The Federal Government on Tuesday as advised Senior Citizen in the country to avoid going to the worshiping centers as it could endanger their lives.

The Government advised that those with health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, among others, are also enjoined to stay at home to worship, the government added.

This is coming after the current pressure from Nigerians to open the worship centers in spite of the spike in COVID-19 positive cases, leading to easing of restrictions on religious centres.

Mr. Sani said this would allow for contact tracing in the case of virus spread.

He urged worshippers experiencing common symptoms of COVID-19 to stay away from churches and mosques.

He said: “We are strongly advising vulnerable individuals such as those with underlying conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, HIV, cancer and those above the age of 55 years to please stay at home and consider remote participation or non-contact attendance.

“When we look at the death rate for persons who have died from COVID-19 in Nigeria, the case fatality rate; more than half of those that died were above the age of 50.

“Secondly, the case fatality rate if you are above the age of 50, is 17 per cent. If you are above the age of 55, it is 18 per cent. It is almost a one in five chances of dying if you catch COVID-19 and you fall within that group.


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