A very beautiful woman aged 38 of Mufulira has shocked her husband’s relatives when she told the local court that she has been impregnated twice by the 30 year old nephew to her husband.

Elina Bwalya, 38, left her husband Boyd Mumba, 40, of the same location and the local court magistrates confused when she broke her silence over her 6-year incestuous activities with her nephew.

This is in a matter where Elina had sued Boyd for divorce because of his failure to satisfy her each time they had sex.
Elina said she was sexually starved by Mr Mumba who only demanded his conjugal rights once per month and accused him of failing to impregnate her since they got married 11 years ago.

She admitted having sex with her hubby’s nephew and that this had resulted in two pregnancies with the second one being in 2017 which brought her beautiful set of twins
“My husband’s relatives wanted to organise his relative or his brother to father children with me but it was too late because his nephew had already impregnated me. My husband was aware of this arrangement, we decided to keep it a top secret until today,” she said. “I love my husband’s nephew so much because he is tough in bed compared to my hubby who only do me once per month”, she said.