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I Can No Longer Sleep Without Pills – Angela Okorie

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie says she can no longer sleep at night without the aid of sleeping pills after she was attacked by assassins a few months ago.

The actress took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, February 3, 2020, where she shared a video of herself crying and expressing all that she has been going through since she narrowly escaped death. According to her, taking drugs and injections have become part of her lifestyle.

“Life is deep you know???? Have u ever gotten to a point in ur life and it seems all hope is gone Just only you and your God ️ I pray No one experience what I have been through in the resent time, hmmmmmmmm It’s been really tough oooooo Injections upon injections Medicines upon medicines Tufiakwa. At some point self I hardly sleep at night, and like seriously 😒 I don’t joke with my sleep 😴 fam. Some Nights I will be crying like a baby cos of pain kaiiiiii

If I never take sleeping tablets, my eyes won’t close Whatttttttt 😭😭 Take out time and visit those in the hospital you will understand why you need to live like is ur last day on earth, no reasons to live a lie, even in ur Little way, this life is empty people are laying critically ill at hospitals different kinds of sickness You’ve never heard b4, human being Dey sick am hmmmmm,” she wrote.

She went on to admonish her fans and followers to be prayerful and thankful for sound health. Finally, she thanked God for keeping her alive to take care of her son.

“Be grateful for life every day. Many are Gone and some1 else is enjoying their wealth, thank God. You are better than someone, Every day I look at my son and say God I thank u for keeping me alive we go about our hustle every day and yet we come back protected. You sleep freely, wake up sound and alive is not by your own making just say Protect me and my family lord 🙏 It’s a short prayer that goes a long way #protectme,” she concluded.


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