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Lancelot Imasuen Reacts To Sexual Assault Accusation

Popular movie director, Lancelot Imasuen has reacted to sexual assault allegation made against him by actress Sylvia Oluchi.

He said; “It is still a private matter so I am not in a position to make a statement. The group chat where the accusation was made is a private one and the group’s admins have set up a committee to investigate the allegation.”

“So, while I am surprised as anybody else-it is from 13 years ago, I have been advised to be quiet. It is an industry thing for now and cannot be made public.”

However, the actress said; “When we were filming Bent Arrows back in 2008 in Abuja. You told me to come to your room in the hotel after shoot at night. We were all camped in the same hotel.”

“You made some moves, when I refused, you physically pinned me to the bed and shoved your tongue down my mouth while squeezing my boobs.”

“My tears forced him to change his mind. I am not the only one as others too have suffered similar fate.”


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