Drama As Children Reject Journalist Mother Who Won Custody Case [VIDEO]

Drama ensued in Roysambu, Nairobi on Sunday, May 24, after three children rejected their journalist mother despite her winning a court custody case.

In a video seen by, the elder of the three children is heard saying ‘we don’t want her!’ referring to, Grace Wachira a journalist said to work for Inooro TV, a vernacular media house in the country.

According to the report given by their father to newsmen, he  explained that the children refused to go with their mother for apparently abandoning them for nearly three years.

“The children have rejected their mum because she neglected them when they were young. She went to court and got a court order. I have brought the children as I was told and the kids have rejected their mum.

“The last born was left when she was suckling. I have raised them single handedly and now she has a court order, she was supposed to take them but they have refused and created a scene,” said the husband.

The father of the children added that the mother left at the beginning of 2018 and he was left with no option but to take care of the children for over two years.

“We want our dad, she is not our mum, she is called Grace Wachira. You work with her at Inooro. We don’t even want to listen to her,” said the eldest son.

The distressed man noted that he tried to call Grace for a dialogue in order to iron out issues with the children but his efforts fell on deaf ears.

“I don’t have an option, I’ll just go back to court and tell the magistrate how they reacted. I tried to plead with her and wrote her messages and told her to come to rebond with the kids but she refused.

“I have evidence of the messages. Because the matter is in court, I don’t want to go into details let the court decide,” noted the husband.

A woman who claimed to know the family and oversaw the drama noted the kids were clinging to the father as they did not want to leave with their mum.


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