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How Quran Shelf Saved Taxi Driver During New Zealand Attack

How Quran Shelf Saved Taxi Driver During New Zealand Attack

A taxi driver Abdul kadir Ababora escaped death by the whiskers as bullets ripped through worshipers on Friday at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The driver who recently celebrated the birth of their second son was in the mosque as at the time of the ferocious attack which left 49 dead with scores critically injured.

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While the attacker continued to rain bullets, Ababora was said to have thrown himself to the floor and wedged himself under a bookshelf used to hold the Holy Quran, praying he would see his wife and kids again.

That saved his life as he got out of the attack carnage unscathed.

“It’s just a miracle,” he told AFP on Sunday (March 17) as he revisited the scene. “When I woke up to the left and right of me it was just dead bodies.”

“I just pretended as if I am dead,” he said.

“This guy started to shoot randomly, left and right, automatic. And then he finished the first box (magazine) and then he changed it, again automatic. Then he finished the second one, he put the third box, again start automatic in the other room again.”

“I was waiting (for) my moment, when every second (a) shot comes I was saying ‘This is for me. This is for me’. And I lost hope,” he said.


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