How Children Of Lagos School Collapse Were Killed By Their Dad And Mom – Lawyer

A Nigerian lawyer and Freedom of Information advocate, Bob Olukoya has expressed grief at the death of school children who lost their lives at the collapsed building in Lagos.

No fewer than 12 children were killed on Wednesday including a pregnant woman, and Olukoya said ‘family members’ are responsible for the tragedy.

Read his statement below

“To the young hapless and helpless school children inside that death trap of a building in #Itafaaji, what a way to die……in the school, in your quest for knowledge…..

“Do you know who killed you?

“Uncle Bob will tell you…..your dad, mum, uncles and aunties killed you. In fact, add your grandma and grandpa, your great uncles and aunties. They all conspired to kill you.

“Guess what? They will still kill more of you….they are wicked and accursed. How did they kill you some hypocrites might ask?

“They worked in building control, they took bribe and looked away….

“They worked in the town planning department, they took bribe and looked away…..

“They are the bricklayers and masons that should buy 20 bags of cement but bought 10 and pocket the balance….

“They are the site engineer that bought 3/4 inch iron rods and called them 1/2inch for the decking……pocketing the balance…..

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“They are the former councillors and council chairs who subverted all urban development plans and built on all manner of site whether suitable or not, collecting bribes as they go….

“All the above and many more such as political warlords, justice for sale judges; crooked policemen and women; docile populace, etc….they all conspired to murder you.

“Can your innocent souls ever rest in peace? No, Never… were murdered and may your wandering souls haunt all those culpable in your murder.”


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