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How Allah Saved Me – New Zealand Man Recounts How Worshippers Were Gunned Down In Front Of Him

Ramzan Ali (Photo: The Telegraph)

A man, Ramzan Ali, from Christchurch says he was the last person to make it alive after the deadly attack in the mosque at New Zealand on Thursday.

He said his fellow Muslims were gunned down as he divided out of the window of the Deans Ave mosque, on the edge of Hagley Park.

Ramzan said: “I could say I was blessed, I was lucky. Allah was looking out for me.”

49 people have been confirmed dead at two mosques, and another 48 have been injured.

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Three people are in custody; one charged and two remanded.

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand has called the mass shootings a terror attack.

62 year old Ramzan claimed to have been attending Friday prayers at the mosque regularly and there were about 300 worshippers in the building at the time of the attack. He said the sermon was ongoing when the shooting started.

He said: “I saw people running for all the doors. To get 300 people out of the doorways was not easy, out of two doorways, because he entered through the main door, and there were two more doors on the sides.

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“He just started shooting ‘Bang, bang, bang’. My cousin was sitting beside me and he got hit in his leg.”

“The shooting stopped and restarted seven times as the shooter kept reloading ammunition.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, I hope he finishes his bullets. I hope he finishes them’.”

Ali said he tried to make a dash for it while the man sitting near the main door was gesturing for him to come towards him.

“And what [the shooter] did, he shot him on his bloody chest right in front of me.

“I dived through an already-broken window and then into Hagley Park.

“I was the last person to get out of the mosque alive.”




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